Welcome to the world of graffiti, it's "CHITRANAGARI". The idea is to have street wall paintings on the outer walls of the entire Rajkot city. The project will be completed by the end of 2018 and nearly 50000 paintings will be done. Different theme related pictures will be drawn in different areas. CHITRANAGARI will be Rajkots new identity. It's a project by Mission Smart City Trust-Rajkot. Thanks to Shree Jitubhai Gotecha, the founder of this trust & creative head for CHITRANAGRI project. And special thanks to Shree Vijay Nehra sir Municipal commissioner Rajkot for providing us colours for this project.

Our Mission

Rangeelu Rajkot in real sense can be exact mission of Chitranagari. Mission Smart City Trust started this colorful venture with ideas input by Mr Jitubhai Gotecha and henceforth followed by the rangeela rajkotians.

Our Vision

No one would dislike the clean and colourful Rajkot city. Also by registering it as a world record having all worlds eyes towards the city of paintings and also drafting a tourist image throughout the world.

Team Chitranagari

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